Capture. Process. Purify.

American Rare Earth, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Resources Corporation (NASDAQ: AREC), owns and is expanding a highly scalable platform of rare earth deposits throughout the eastern United States. The deposits are very unique for the U.S. market for their minimal thorium exposure as well as the environmentally positive method of extraction.

The company's primary collection methods are minimally invasive compared to other producers throughout the world utilizing Natural Hydro Extraction, Advanced AMD and Mineral Spiral Technology to capture and concentrate critical element concentrates at the local level.
"American Rare Earth is changing the dynamics for the domestic supply of critical and rare earth elements for the worlds electrification marketplace. Our projects are highly scalable and can completely disrupt the supply chain and thought process around rare earth extraction and development. We aim to scale at an aggressive pace in terms of production be one of the only environmentally positive critical element producers in the world."
MARK J. Laverghetta
project lead
A primary driver to our operating strategy is based not only on maximizing value for our deposits but also creating well deserved jobs for the community and protecting the environment.
our core principles
Low Cost Operator
Safety & Environmentally Driven
Growth Oriented Operating Team & Partnerships
Our operations
American Rare Earth has 10 initial sites that are in development and is evaluating multiple other locations in the core marketplace. The Company believes the potential to utilize our technique for identifying rare earths from low invasive deposits opens up various opportunities for expansion. We are focused on building out our production as well our processing divisions within short order as part of our strategic growth plan.
Rare Earth Production
The company is a consolidator and developer of high-quality, low-cost rare earth mineral sites through its target market.

We control 10 initial sites that we are currently either analyzing or developing and over 20 additional sites under evaluation.

Our primary method of collection utilizes an environmentally friendly hydro leaching process that minimizes land disturbances while also ensuring safe water discharge.
Rare Earth Processing
The Company is focused on building the first commercial scale rare earth processing facility in the eastern United States. The facility will be able to process material from sites throughout the central Appalachia region.

We will utilize our hub and spoke supply chain to economically deliver and process concentrate from our sites or our partners to be processed used state of the art technology to separate critical elements for sale.
Company Overview