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on june 30, the delivery ceremony of chinese first 8mw wind power cable and wire harness solution was held in hengtong. this was the first time that the whole solution of high-power 8mw wind power cables and wire harnesses in the wind power industry has been delivered and used in china.

the solution delivered to customers is 8mw offshore high-capacity, high-power units and cables, which can meet the characteristics of long-term service of wind power cables and continuous torsion of wind turbines. the cables have good torsional structure design, high mechanical strength, vibration resistant, oil resistant, hydrochloric acid corrosion resistance and many other properties, so that it can operate at sea for long term and lay freely in the air.

the succeed of deliver the solution of 8mw wind power cables and harnesses is an important manifestation of the company's development strategy. at the same time, hengtong will persisitently promote its marine strategy and contribute to the development of wind power industry.